My new car – my first supercar!

  • YES! YES! I bought a Nissan GT-R35! I traded in the Mustang (Got a real good deal too!). Im very pleased with the car and can’t wait for all the adventures with it this year! The car is a 2010 model, and have a 100% service history.
  • In 2016 the gearbox even got upgraded and rebuilt from scratch. Haven’t had all the time to drive the car yet.
    But I have already installed a new DAB+ system (Digital Audio Broadcasting, because Norway is closing down the FM broadcasting). I’ve ordered some new service parts, engine oil, filters, wipers etc. Have it all ready to go this year!

Why did I buy a GT-R? Simple.

  • I wanted a super/sports car with great performance,┬áreliability, user friendly and a car that you can use every day, all year! The GT-R is a Nissan, so the quality must be good. And the performance is insane!
    500bhp. 0-100km/h in 3,9seconds, topspeed at over 200mph/310km/h and comfy when just cruising aroud.
    The baggage space is even good also!
  • The truth said, I almost bought a Maserati GranTurismo, but I learned from experts that it would need more care and servicing then the Nissan. It was the same price, but still less power etc, and less user friendly.
  • I also have some earlier experience with Nissan, I have owned 2 Skylines before.
    1 Skyline R32 Track car and one R34 Skyline for road use.

Thanks to Freddy at Auto 1 Premium AS for amazing good service!

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