New exhaust for my GT-R

So, we all know that a stock GT-R sounds like a cute kittycat. Not so much noise to brag about.
Sure enough, when full throttle it sure makes sure for others to move away, it is not like a Micra, but not loud enough as a “supercar” should be. It is a high tech, technical and grown up car. Not a loud Lamborghini with a douch inside it.

BUT, im a car guy, i like engine noises. I like to make sure my car is noticed when I want it to.
Just like with my previous 2016 Mustang, I fitted it with a Magnaflow Performance exhaust and a custom made front pipe system. It sure was loud, made som exhaust bangs when shifting etc. I really was happy with that one.

So i’ve been looking for some systems for my GT-R. Even Armytrix, SBD (Speed By Design) etc. But im currently leaning towards the¬†HKS Legamax system right now. Im in contact with a GT-R specialist in Sweden and discussing what system by HKS I should choose. Cat Back, or full system. I want a cool sound, but not something that will make my head go crazy and ears bleed when hitting the highway and going for roadtrips..

Stay tuned for updates!

HKS Legamax system for GT-R

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