Autoxo driveout was epic!

This weekend's Autoxo driveout exceeded all expectations! Between 150-200 super sport cars were gathered to drive a fantastic route from Autoxo on Høvik and through Østfold's wonderful winding roads and into Sweden and over to lunch at Strømstad Spa.Here's a little about Team Redlist's trip.
We started at 12 pm Friday in Kristiansund, we would drive about 550 kilometers all the way to Scandic Fornebu Hotell,
Where we were staying, this was a very good hotel, very good location considering the next day and attending Autoxo at Høvik, 
including very good quality of the hotel.
We arrived at the hotel in around 2000pm after having managed to both wash the car and shop some beer and snacks.

After some quick showers, both I and Audun were ready for a better dinner and some cold beer.

We also got a visit from Tormi Hanssen, who I met during last years Atlantic Ocean Road Trip 2016, a nice lad!
The next day we were up in 07am time, new quick shower and followed by a better breakfast including check-out of the hotel. Great hotel, we will use it again! We arrived at Autoxo at about 09. One hour earlier than when it started, because we would be out early and see everything.

As time passed, more and more cars and people came. Great attendance! Free coffee, soft drinks and waffles were also served. 
Departure was about 1040am after drivers meeting and route information. First pit stop after about 1.5 hours on the road, a bit cold weather and wind. Here it was distributed free energy drinks from Burn. Very good! Furthermore, the trip went on amazing fun roads to Sweden, and to Strømstad Spa. 

There was a chaos when more than 150 sports cars suddenly met and were to be parked. It all went well, but took some time. We then finished with a lunch before I and Audun would take the long way home to Kristiansund, many of the others also drove back to Autoxo on Høvik and ended with a party on Saturday night, we did not realize that before Got a bit late, so next time we'll bring this too! We thank Autoxo and Olav Medhus for a wonderful fun arrangemant. We will also come next time!


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