Eurorally 2017 – Article

I will try to make a little article about our journey during the 2017 Eurorally.
2017 Rally went from Sarpsborg (Norway) crossing 3 countries and finishing in Hamburg (Germany).
All in just 4 days!

But, the day before the rally we went to check out some other supercars at Autoxo and Autoxo Sport.
I almost even left there with a whole other car then the GT-R, but that’s a whole other story!

And guess what, it was Ferrari Week. F40, Enzo, F12TDF and a Testarossa on the left. Nice!
Yuup, I almost was talked into buying one of those.. Guess what colour? Another time maybe..? Should..I…?

After leaving Oslo and getting to our first hotel for the journey we parked just outside the hotel and soon we got company of other Eurorally Family members!

Nice lineup!

After a good dinner, some beers and talking to other participants we went to bed early to get fresh and ship shaped for the start of the Eurorally 2017 startline! Some even partied hard that night also. All in!

More friends
Team Angvik Auto making new friends!

At the startline the next day we got to see how big Eurorally have gotten.. 75 Cars and more then 150 people from several countries! Just unbelievable!


The first leg on the trip went from Sarpsborg (Norway) to Karlskrona (Sweden) about 530km, where we would get on a cruiseferry overnight crossing the Baltic sea to Gdynia (Poland).

Arrived at the Karlskrona Harbour.. As number 2 of all the participants!


After checking in at the ferry, it was food and party time!

The next day, most of us very hungover, we arrived in Gdynia, Poland! Luckily the first leg of the day was only about 40km in to the city of Gdansk, at the city centre next to the Old Town of Gdansk, there it was a big car display, polish television was there, live music and even more!

After staying there for couple of hours, it was time for our 300km drive to Poznan, for our first overnight stay in Poland. The polish roads was amazing! Unbelivable nice scenery and very good roads!

Petrol stop somewhere in Poland
Good times
Sunny open roads

Arriving in Poznan, it was time to park the cars, check in at the hotel, eat, and PARTY! Our own V.I.P party at one of Poznan’s most popular clubs; Pacha!

Arrived outside our hotel in Poznan
Cash is king
Food time
Club Pacha
Team Dunlop – LED Boys

The following day, we met up for another car display at Poznan Stadion Miejski, before heading to Hamburg.


After this stop it was another day of driving trough Poland and in to Germany!

Pitstop by the german autobahn
A man’s gotta eat
Arrived at our hotel in Hamburg!

After arriving in Hamburg, it was a quick shower and out again! V.I.P finishing party at Reperbahn and Club Moondoo!

I got drunk that night, and the next day we went to Italy, THAT is also another story.
This summed up Eurorally 2017 briefly, it was so much, much more! Just too much for me to write about.
Join us again for the 2018 Rally!

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