Big damages to the bellhouse-bearings and bellhouse

Well, Im glad I delivered the car last week to RATS (Ringstad Automatic Service’s).
They fast found out the problem with shifting from 2nd to 1st and from reverse to 1st issue, was because of a poor magnet valve in the transmission valve house. This was a quick fix.
But I also wanted them to check the slack at the outgoing axle from the bellhouse, and it was very good we found out this now, and not while driving..

“As you can see, the rear bearing locked up, slipped and began to rotate around with the shaft. This has damaged the surface of the bearingset so that this no longer sits with pressure fitting and produces the slack we know by raising the output shaft.

The front bearing that is identical and mounted in the same way has not come so far in the process. Here I think the bearing mount can be saved so that new bearing can be glued to prevent the same problem here.

We must send the bell house to a local machinery workshop so that they can mill the bearing mount approx. 3 mm and mount a sleeve / bush with approx. 1.5mm thickness and press fit it.

Then we press the new bearing into this with bearing glue to ensure a good connection .
By the way, these bearings (6007-RS) are calculated for a maximum speed of approx. 6500rpm, which is basically too low for the engine output.
We have seen rolling bearings with a different type of seal which is intended for higher speeds, possibly identical bearings with steel seals instead of rubber seal (these can withstand about 11000rpm).

Bjørn Bjørnholdt from SKF Norge AS will be visiting us at the beginning of next week, helping us determine which bearing to choose.”

This will hurt my wallet, but it must be fixed! Stay tuned for updates 🙂

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  1. Hi
    what bearings did you end up installing in the R35`s bellhousing?

    • Special SKF Bearings, don’t have the parts number, sadly.

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