Things are happening!

Finally I have started doing something with the GT. It is on jacks, taken off the front suspension. Fitted the Roush Cold Air intake kit. Fitted the Maxton front spoiler. Blacked out the front grill. Pictures below.

Up on jacks
Ready to take off the front suspension and coils
Taken off the car and marked up, because they are identical both sides.
Eibach Springs
Time to compress and take off the coils
Pressed down

And sadly when I was going to fit the new coils, they did not fit! The parts number on the box is correct to Mustang GT, but the parts number on the coils says that they are for a Ford Mondeo! So, that was a bummer.. But Ford are already looking at it, and are getting med the correct coil springs.

So after that I continued with fitting Roush kit and Maxton front wing, and blacking out the grill.

Maxton front bumper wing fitted
Maxton always delivers.. Great quality and fitting.
And now black horse!
Looks much better
Before. Big ugly air filter box.
Roush fitted
Happy days!

Stay continued for more! Next is fitting black fender emblems, maxton sideskirts and rear side splitters.