Eurorally 2018

Eurorally is an event for car enthusiasts who like to travel and experience car-related activities around Europe!

We aim to give you a once-in-a-lifetime holiday consisting of great events taking place in multiple countries along the route.
We will make the most of each destination in order to satisfy all participants, and give you a memorable ride!
Our route and events will change every year, making each rally unique in its own way!

Eurorally 2017 startline is Odda, Norway.
From there we will travel through southwest Norway to Stavanger and enter the mincruise to Hirtshals,
Denmark where the trip continues through Denmark to the race track for an optional race track day on our way to Hannover Germany!

On this last day we will drive together on the Autobahn from Hannover to the coast city Zandvoort in Netherland.
At our final destination – Amsterdam, we will throw a farewell-party where participants will be awarded in various categories.

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